The S4Agro contest aims to promote innovative activities of scientific and technological basis for the development of agro-industrial SMEs and their subsectors (meat, horticulture, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and bakery) in various areas of sustainability (environmental; resources; processes; and economic) and thus stimulate Industry 4.0.

After the end of the Business phase of the S4agro Contest, the Innovation Solution phase is open for teams from Academia (Researchers and Students) or from R&D Centers!

We challenge teams of researchers and students to find innovative solutions to the 4 challenges posed by the winning companies in the first phase of the S4agro Competition.

The 4 best solutions presented will win a prize of 2.500€!

The 4 S4agro Challenges, set by the winning Companies of the business phase, are:

2 Challenges for Economic Sustainability

  • Autonomous System for Insect Monitoring
  • Use of Macroalgae and Halophytic Plants in the Production of Traditional Sausage “Chouriço”

1 Challenge to Secured resources

  • Biodegradable Snack Pack

1 Challenge to Secured environment

  • Long Live to Raspberries

Compete with your best Solution to one of this challenges, until January 31, 2023, at:

See the S4agro Competition rules and regulations at:

For more information, please send na email to:

The S4agro contest was launched in two phases:

a) Business – closed

  • Competition phase for companies to enter their innovation challenges, with a selection of the 4 best challenges;

  • This phase of the contest ran from February 2021 to December 31, 2021 and is now closed.

The 4 challenges presented by the companies, which were the winners of this phase, fit into the 4’s of the S4agro project:

  • Introduction of less resource-intensive products and production processes;
  • Eco-friendly packaging, recyclable and reusable packaging;
  • Extension of shelf life by application of intelligent and/or active packaging.
  • Promotion of the reduction of agro-food industry waste;
  • Innovative ways of valorizing by-products and waste;
  • Promotion of the reduction of food waste through intelligent and/or active packaging.
  • Inclusion of companies in the digital economy by training in Cybersecurity;
  • Traceability and monitoring provided by smart packaging.
  • Support companies in the progression of their value chain;
  • Increased competitiveness associated with environmentally sustainable production practices;
  • Strategies and effective use of digital marketing and communication tools;
  • Promotion of scientifically and technologically based innovation.

b) Innovation Solution – ongoing

  1. Participation phase for teams from academia (researchers and students), to present
    innovative solutions to the 4 selected challenges, with the four best proposed
    solutions receiving a prize;
  2. This phase of the contest runs from June 2022 to January 2023.